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Faery Gazing

A little tribute this month to some of my very first clients of Fantasy Fotos who lent me there children for an afternoon, even though it was a bit chilly the images came out warm and beautiful and set the tone for my future photographic manipulation work. Thank You !

canvas, posters and postcards
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The Frog Prince

A just Because from a few years back, because every princess needs a frog or two.

A Gift of Wings

Ms. Elkins of Utah, one of my absolute favorite models you will see her image appear over and over again here as a good faery, at the bottom of the page as a bad faery and even an angel on another of my blogs. She came to one of my Free Foto shoots with lots of spunk and lots of costumes she is one of my favorite test subjects ( images I test different filters and techniques on) and current logo for Perennial Dreams Studios

Drifting into Dreams

On of my very first fairies , a crown of my collection this little fairy walked in to my once a year Free Fantasy Foto shoot and ended up as part of my portfolio and framed collection . She is a beautiful symbol for dreaming whose image will be adorning  a myriad of public products shortly.

DONATE $ 1.00

greetings from artist Nada Meeks,
in an effort to keep my art thriving I am having a gallery show here in Bradenton Florida unfortunately , like the rest of the country I have run out of funds , if you my patrons and pals would donate $1.00 to help me frame and print my art show I would be eternal grateful, and if you would like to donate a little more I have some wonderful give aways for the donation pleas visit : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nadameeks/framing-the-wings-of-imagination
for more information.

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